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Whilst enquiring about forklift trucks in and around St Albans be aware that there are several aspects that will influence the forklift operator's comfort level: an old style machine that is awkward to work with or a machine that has operator access on only one side will affect the ability of the operator to comfortably work to their optimum level.
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BES Lift Trucks St Albans can help you find suppliers who stock a full range of used, refurbished, reconditioned and new machines.

This site will help you identify exactly what type of forklift is best suited to your needs, taking into account fuel type, load capacity and lift height.

Simply select the type of forklift you want and the Forklift Network will help you find it.

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BES Lift Trucks St Albans uses your truck requirements to search the UK's largest forklift network for suppliers that are able to fulfil your requirement.

The system is location based and will use your specific location as the origin for the search and will therefore try to identify the closest suppliers to you that are best able to fulfil your requirement.

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BES Lift Trucks St Albans uses The Forklift Network to identify up to four suppliers operating in your area who will be able to provide you with the type of forklift you have specified.

We will give you their contact details and also ask each of them to contact you with a quote so you can be sure you are getting the best deal.

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BES Lift Trucks St Albans Tips for forklift trucks in and around St Albans

Whilst looking for forklift trucks in and around St Albans remember that two of the most important safety aspects are vehicle stability and control of the load. Statistics prove that machine tip-over's and falling loads are the two biggest causes of accidents and injuries.

When researching forklift trucks in and around St Albans it is worth noting that that new forklifts are expensive and represent a considerable expenditure for the business. However a brand new machine is an absolute necessity if your business runs double-shifts or the forklift will be in use for 10 hours in a day. A used forklift will be more suitable if your usage is much less than this or if it is to be a backup to another forklift.

While you are searching for forklift trucks in and around St Albans bear in mind that in the lift truck trade, as in the auto industry, there is a “grey market”. This is the sale of units that were shipped into the country from foreign markets. The problem with these lift trucks is that although they look identical most dealers usually won’t support them because parts can often be more difficult to source.

When searching for forklift trucks in and around St Albans it might interest you to know that reconfiguring a warehouse for double-deep pallet racking can give significant extra storage capacity but often requires special Reach trucks with extending forks such as the Atlet XTF ride-on or ATF stand-on.

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